About Us

Architectural Connections is a student-run club at BCIT with the
purpose of connecting students with the Architecture industry.


The purpose of this club will be to foster connections for the students interested in architecture at BCIT. Connections between classmates, connections between the diploma and degree architectural programs, connections between students and educators, connections between education and industry, and connections between past students (alumni) and current students. This organization will be a stepping stone in giving students a voice to organize events, improve their education, and create a greater sense of unity in the architectural programs and to create a legacy for future architectural students.


Our club will benefit student life by giving the architectural students a voice in the student association and giving all students access to an architecturally minded club at BCIT. The club will host events for industry that will give opportunities to students for networking and future employment. The club, with its sense of unity, will keep in contact with past graduated members to help inform current members of the job placement opportunities that are available. The clubs main purpose will be to connect students together and give representation for the architectural students as a whole.


To ensure longevity at BCIT, the club will be a mandatory accessory to the Architectural Science Degree students in their third and fourth year and will be open to the Architectural and Building Technology Diploma students if they are interested in the architectural profession. Democratic elections for all positions will be run annually to ensure fairness of the club. Faculty will be encouraged to be involved to help pass the mandates from year to year. As well as alumni of the program and thus will be encouraged to keep in contact with the club to help inform new members of the benefits of this student run organization.

What We Do

As a club we have put on many different types of events in the past. This year we plan to focus on Industry Mixers, Internal and external lectures, and design competitions. The goal for our events is to connect all the people in the Club through Social interactions as well as collaboration in design. We are excited to facilitate a vast amount of events for this year's members!

2018-2019 Executive Members

Hunter Bergen | President
Jason Roodbol | Vice-President
Nicholas Cheung | VP Events
Jeremy Shigemitsu | VP External
Diego Casados Chouza | Website Executive
Natasha Louie | Mentorship Program Coordinator