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Architectural Connections is a club created by BCIT Architectural Science students in 2013 to establish a link to the industry. Moving forward, the club goals have broadened to connect students of first year ABT to fourth year ARSC to alumni and more. This website will share a variety of information ranging from experiences to portfolio examples, resources, master's degree information, design competitions and more. We aim to answer as many questions as possible. We will be working hard to bring you new events every month.

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Current and past competitions run by Architectural Connections for BCIT students.

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Find out what events are happening whether it is hosted by Architectural Connections or another organization.

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Mentorship Program

Information about the Architectural Connections Mentorship program.

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Resource Library

The resource library is a collection of websites and tutorials that we have used over the years to help us with our projects.

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Architectural Connections is a student-run club at BCIT. A majority of our club members are students of the Architectural and Building Technology and the Architectural Science programs.

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Life at BCIT

Explore what we do at BCIT throughout the years.
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